Why Nature Friendly ?

Pax household cleaners are formulated with green, plant-based and eco-friendly ingredients, and hence, they achieve 99.9% biodegradability. The packaging used are entirely recyclable in order to eliminate their burden on the environment. Since all production is done locally, our products add value to the local economy, and they also minimise carbon-emitting activities like transportation and imports, thereby minimising the carbon-footprint on the nature.

Ingredient Description Biodegradability
Aqua Water Natural
Capryl glucoside Surfactant derived from plants Biodegradable. Approved by The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.
Hydrogenated Castor Oil Solvent derived from plants Biodegradable. Approved by The Nordic Eco Label.
Citric Acid Organic acid with cleaning properties Natural. Obtainable from citrus fruits.
Essential oils (varied) Scent derived from plants Natural. Obtainable from flowers and plants.
Colorant (Excluding “Joy of Home”) Synthetic colorant (used less than 0.1%) Not enough information on its biodegradability.
Isothiazolinones Synthetic preservative (used less than 0.1%) Biodegradable. Declared as such by the manufacturer.


Pax household cleaners are manufactured by Dağlı Cosmetics & Cleaners, at the ‘Harika’ facilities located within the Harika district of Famagusta in North Cyprus. The Harika Factory itself initially adopted the name from our company’s own fabric brightener, later granting the name to the district it is situated in. Our production facilities which have a valued history of over 40 years, boast a fully equipped research and development laboratory, production lines complying with international standards, an experienced team of experts, and the know-how of half a century in the sector, At Harika, we proudly produce eco-friendly home and personal care products that consumers can use safely and comfortably.


ISO 9001 NQA Certificate

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, is the internationally recognised standard which confirms the effective management of production and services provided by our company.

ISO 14001 NQA Certificate

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems is a standard of specification used to certify the fulfillment of our business’ environmental responsibilities and duties.

ISO 22716 NQA Certificate

ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices is a standard that ensures our facilities’ commitment to the quality, safety and excellence of cosmetics and cleaning goods produced.

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